Eagles of the 1800s
Hand carved by Vernon DePauw
Butcher sign
$350.00J, Porter sign
L 16" x H 33" x D 1"
Optomitrist sign
L 36" x H 12" x D 1"
Red Horse Inn sign $225.00
L 16" x H 24x D 1"
(can be ordered)Two-sided Inn Sign $395.00
L 15" x H 22" D 2"
(can be ordered)Welcome Inn sign $225.00
25 x 17 x 1
(can be ordered)
Custom Tinsmith SignOpen SignCustom Fine Pewter SignCustome VIneyard Sign"FRESH EGGS" sign. 21 inchs tall, 14 inches wide, by 1 inch thick. $225 each. (white or brown egg available)"STABLE" sign  11 inches wide 24 inches tall, by 1 inch thick. (sign on left is heavly distressed, on right is antiqued) $225 each
Trade Sign and Custom Sign Gallery
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